Dentists recommend Secure Denture Adhesive Cream

“SECURE solved our most difficult retention cases.”

“SECURE has been more successful than any other adhesive product.”

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See Secure's extraordinary denture holding power for loose dentures. Click here to view the Demo.

Suction-based denture adhesives too often can’t stop slip and slide

Secure Waterproof Adhesive always stops slip and slide

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SECURE Ingredients
Secure Denture® is made with only food grade ingredients!

Secure® is 100% Zinc free and contains no ethyl/methyl parabens, petrolatum, mineral oil, benzene, grantrez, artificial flavors or colors.

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Guide for Denture Wearers

Complete Denture Care

You have been given the finest possible dentures and will have to properly care for them. Your dentist is the best source of advice on how to care for your dentures.
If you have any questions regarding your dentures, make sure to ask your dentist. Follow his or her advice carefully.
In addition to your routine dental visit, daily care at home will help prevent oral problems.

New or Replacement Dentures

You may not feel totally comfortable with your new dentures. You may feel:

  • Your dentures are too big
  • Your dentures do not fit properly
  • You may even bite your tongue or cheek at the beginning
  • Your tongue is pressed against your denture and not your palate
  • You may also experience excessive saliva

All these problems are common, but temporary.
They will lessen over time.

Soreness is to be expected soon after you get your dentures. If it becomes a problem, see your dentist for a necessary adjustment.

Tips for Speaking with Confidence

When you begin to talk with your new dentures, you may notice a change in the sound of your voice or have trouble with denture movement.

  • Before you speak, bite and swallow to position your dentures.
  • Speak slowly to avoid movements that raise the lower dentures.
  • Practice reading aloud to help your tongue get used to your dentures.
  • Use a denture adhesive like Secure Denture to help keep your dentures in place and help you get used to your dentures.

Tips for Eating with Confidence

Eating may be somehow difficult and less enjoyable at first. The following tips will be helpful:

  • Begin by eating food which is easy to chew like eggs, fish, chopped meat or cooked vegetables.
  • Take small bites. Chew half of the food on the back left side of the mouth and half on the back right side to even out the pressure on your dentures.
  • Use a denture adhesive like Secure Denture to keep dentures in place and make it easier to eat with confidence.

Simple and Safe Care for Dentures

Bones in your mouth will change over time. Regular check ups by your dentist are necessary. Your dentist will examine your mouth and your dentures, check the fit and make any necessary adjustments.
In addition to these routine dental visits, daily care at home will help prevent oral problems.

Daily Cleaning of Your Denture at Home

Plaque can form on dentures, like on natural teeth. If it is not removed every day, it threatens the health of your whole oral cavity. It causes:

  • Bad odor
  • Bad looking dentures
  • Gingivitis and more serious periodontal issues which results in greater risk of heart disease
  • Cavities in adjoining teeth

It is highly recommended that denture wearers clean their dentures regularly by using e.g. fittydent Super Denture Cleansing Tablets and see their dentist regularly to maintain good oral health.

Secure Denture Adhesive for Dentures are Waqterproof

Secure Denture Adhesive is the only denture adhesive worldwide that is Waterproof, making it non water-soluble. This makes it different from conventional adhesives.

  • Secure Denture Adhesive will not wash away when denture wearers are eating or drinking;
  • Dentures hold longer and stronger in the mouth -- up to 12 full hours
  • No denture adhesive residues will leak into the stomach.

Due to intensive flow of saliva around the lower jaw, the Waterproof properties of Secure are especially important in keeping lower jaw dentures well in place.
Secure Denture assures that dentures will be fixed to the gum all day long. Denture wearers will enjoy a completely new and natural feeling.
The use of Secure Denture Adhesive is therapeutically beneficial.*

*Source: Kelsey C., Lang B., Wang R., “Examining Patients´ Responses about the Effectiveness of Five Denture Adhesive Pastes”, Journal of the American Dental Association (JADA), Vol.128

Secure Denture Denture Adhesive Cushions for Lower Jaw Denture Problems

  • Guaranteed solution for patients with flat and narrow lower jaws.
  • Assure a secure, strong bond between the lower denture and gum in the most difficult cases.
  • The cushions are also Waterproof, therefore they are also effective for patients with excessive saliva.

Secure 5-minute Cleansing Tablets

  • Designed to work with Secure Denture Adhesives -- works in just 5 minutes
  • Cleans and whitens full dentures. Removes easily and thoroughly all non water- soluble
    residues of Secure Denture Adhesive and Cushions.
  • Cleans and whitens partial dentures. Protects the metal parts of partial dentures.
  • Perfect hygiene for all orthodontic appliances. The unique pH9 formula prevents them from corrosion.
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Patented waterproof adhesive lasts longer! 12 Hour Holding Power and it's Zinc Free! Won't wash away like most denture adhesives which are water-soluble. Secure® Denture Adhesive is waterproof, non water-soluble.  Secure® Denture creates a long-lasting hold between your dentures and gums. Plus it's 100% Zinc Free and taste-free.

FREE shipping with orders of $35 or more.

ZINC-FREE. NO HARMFUL RESIDUE to leak into your stomach. Click here to see ingredients.

Guide for Denture Wearers

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