Easy clean up and water proof

“I have tried every popular brand of denture adhesive cream & powders out there since I got my top full denture few months ago. None of them worked. I spent so much time every single night getting the adhesive off of roof of mouth & gums which caused sore gums & much frustration. I read that this product Secure actually works. I ordered it online (inexpensive) and I received it in three days. I apply small amount once a day & it stays put. Really is water proof & most of the adhesive stays on denture when removing and if a bit stays on roof of mouth it just wipes right out. Wearing dentures can be hard enough and finding a product that actually works is so nice. I say it’s a win!!!”  Review by J. McAllister on April 21, 2021



“This product by far is the best adhesive that I have ever purchased. Since my dentist

recommended it, this is the only denture adhesive to me that works the best.” 

Review by Kamenriderthrust on April 13, 2020 


Only product that worked 
“This is the only adhesive I have used that works I'm new to the denture world my dentist recommended this and

I'm so glad he did because I was starting to regret getting my full extraction and was feeling very

insecure that I couldn't keep my dentures to stay in place.” 
Review by Sharron  on May 18, 2020 


Great Product 

“The denture cream has exceptional holding power for the dentures. Even when eating hot foods. Because the denture cream holds longer, you actually use less in a day. Highly recommend the product!! A good value and a good product.” 
Review by Linda F on January 23, 2021 



“Thank goodness I found this product! This STUFF IS amazing! After months of agony and wasted money on EVERY type of Denture adhesive on the market, this was my last hope. And it works-It works GREAT- I am going on hour 17 with no sign of my top or bottom denture budging. I gave it 3 stars on removal because I can tell it is going to be a battle to get my Dentures out AND that is a GREAT feeling of security and also a boost to my confidence! I also ordered the Secure Dental Adhesive Cushions for my lower and I have NO DOUBT those will be just as GREAT. Thank you Secure-One happy Customer here!” 
Review by MeMe on May 20, 2020 



Like my own!!! 
“This is the best product I have ever and will ever use! I can leave my teeth in for 2 days sometimes and eat anything I want with the best hold! I have no trouble w/meat, nuts, I can even eat licorice!! I hope they never stop making this and I recommended it to all my friends and even the oral surgeon on my return visit!! I feel like I have my own teeth back again, thanks!!!” 
Review by Roxann S. on February 27, 2021 


The Best Adhesive I’ve Tried

“This is THE best and only adhesive I will use. All of the others, I can still feel my denture shifting. This

holds secure all day and at the end of the day I still have no problem chewing a steak!”

Review by Berly K on October 16, 2020



Best denture adhesive available!!

“If I could give it 10 stars I would! I spent 10 years using Polygrip my nighttime routine to wash it off the dentures was awful, but the 1 hour routine of rinsing, scrubbing, peeling, gagging to get the paste off my gums was awful! Since using this, it takes ONE RINSE, ONE, plus a quick brush through with a soft toothbrush and I'm done!! THANK YOU for such a great product!!”

Review by Janis W. on March 8, 2020