The ONLY Zinc Free, Waterproof Denture Adhesive

Secure Denture Adhesive is the only zinc free, waterproof denture adhesive that promises up to 12 hours of holding power. Our denture adhesive creates a long-lasting bond between the denture and the gum, creating a tightly-bonded seal that  prevents food particles from leaking in. Discovered by an Austrian dentist to give better denture support for his patients, Secure provides new hope for people with lower and upper denture problems. No more slipping, sliding, or embarrassing moments!

Three Food-Grade Ingredients

This ingredient is a plant-based glyerine sourced from canola grown exlclusively in Europe and is used in our products to gurantee a strong, all day 12-hour hold.

This ingredient is exclusively produced for Secure and comes from the cellulose that is produced from Scandinavian fir and spruce tree bark.

PVA is a non-soluable, completely inert, non-allergic ingredient that creates the consistency of chewing gum. This is what sets Secure apart from the competition.







Dentist Recommended, Customer Approved!