Secure Anti-Plaque Cleansing Tablets


Secure Cleansing Tablets help kill bacteria and germs, remove stains, and clean & freshen dentures.

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Secure Anti-Plaque Cleansing Tablets - 32 Tablets Zinc Free

  • The removal of plaque is the primary purpose of a denture cleanser. That’s because plaque provides a home for bacteria. 

  • Only one denture cleanser removes plaque better than the toothbrush – Secure Cleansing Tablets. (The reason: high 9 pH formula.)
  • It is not usually recommended to leave dentures soaking in water overnight because bacteria grow faster in water than a dry environment. This is why cleaned dentures sometimes have more bacteria in the morning than the previous evening. Using effective cleanser like Secure Cleansing Tablets will counteract this.

IMPORTANT: In addition to the best plaque removal, Secure Cleansing Tablets:

    1. Kills Bacteria
    2. Kills Germs
    3. Removes Stains
    4. Cleans and Freshens Dentures