Chewing Gum With Dentures

Posted by Kayla Cardona on Apr 24th 2024

Chewing Gum With Dentures

Having dentures can restore your ability to chew your food with comfort and confidence. While it may take several weeks or months before you are confidently chewing harder foods like broccoli or steak, you should be able to enjoy your favorite foods in no time with the right practice!

However, if you are someone that occasionally enjoys chewing a stick of gum, you are probably wondering if chewing gum is possible while wearing dentures. This is a common question that most denturists receive and the good news is: yes, it is possible!

Benefits of chewing gum with dentures

Chewing gum can be beneficial to denture wearers in a handful of ways. First, it helps you get more practice chewing and biting down. This can help strengthen your bite force for tougher foods. It can also freshen breath and stimulates saliva production for denture wearers who may struggle with dry mouth. Additionally, some ingredients used in sugar-free gum, like xylitol and sorbitol, help fight cavity-causing bacteria that can damage natural teeth that still remain in the mouth.

What kind of gum can you chew with dentures?

When choosing the a chewing gum, it helps know what characteristics to look for. The first is a chewing gym with harder texture because this type of gum is less likely to stick to surfaces than more softer formulas. The next is a neutral color that is less likely to stain the dentures.

Additionally, there are several brands of chewing gum that offer denture-friendly gum, such as Wrigley's Freedent and Active Denture Chewing Gum. Both of these chewing gums are designed with denture wearers in mind and help to prevent dry mouth while you are wearing your dentures.

For a better chewing gum experience, consider using a reliable denture adhesive like Secure Denture Adhesive! Using our zinc-free and waterproof denture adhesive can provide your full or partial dentures with a reliable and strong 12-hour hold, ensuring a long-lasting bond between the denture and gums all day long. Avoid the slipping, sliding and embarrassing moments with Secure!