Posted by Kayla Cardona on Apr 24th 2024

Secure & Denture Partials FAQ's

We answer your top questions regarding Secure Denture Adhesive and denture partials:

Q: Is Secure® for partials the same as Secure for full dentures?

A: Yes. Our research has shown that the same extraordinary holding power in Secure for full dentures provides extraordinary stopping power for partial dentures. It stops the moving partials and holds them firmly in place, so the clamps don’t exert undue pressure on healthy adjacent teeth causing damage and possibly bone loss.

Q: What is the Secure difference?

A: Secure is the only partial adhesive that is Waterproof so it won’t wash away with water, saliva, beverages, liquids of any kind. Instead, it forms a powerful bond between partials and gums to give you holding power and movement-stopping power like no other brand we know of.

Q: What is the best way to apply Secure for partials?

A: Follow the below tips:

  1. To maximize your hold, be sure your partials and your mouth are completely clean and dry before using SECURE.
  2. Apply a small amount SECURE to your partials either in a series of dots or by applying a thin coat on the surface of your partial.
  3. Be sure to bite firmly when you place the partial in your dry mouth and attach the clamps to ensure a tight fit.