The Super Glue for Dentures

The Super Glue for Dentures

Sep 20th 2021

Secure Denture Adhesive encompasses a waterproof technology provides such extraordinary hold, denture wearers call it: "The Super Glue for Dentures".

The secret? Secure® is an adhesive that works on a totally different principle. It is waterproof, so it does not dissolve when you are eating and drinking. Additionally, it is the first adhesive that gives you 12-hour holding power. Think of slip, no slide for up to 12 full hours! And no worries about zinc. It is zinc-free and taste-Free too. 

“It feels as close to having my own teeth as possible,” said one enthusiastic user. “For the first time I can actually bite and chew like a real person,” said another. “Without Secure, I will be forced to go without dentures. Secure is #1,” said a third happy user. This remarkable denture adhesive is economical because you need half as much, so it lasts twice as long.

secure-sensitive-out-of-box-jpg.jpgDiscovered by an Austrian dentist for his patients with loose fitting denture, and now recommended by dentists in Europe and the United States, Secure Denture Adhesive Cream works in a completely different way.

Conventional adhesives work by thickening saliva to improve suction between the denture and the gum. The dentures hold only by suction. Being water-soluble, these fixatives can dissolve and wash away when you're eating and drinking, causing dentures to slip and slide. Secure Denture is the Super Glue for Dentures you have been searching for!