How To Safely Remove Your Dentures

How To Safely Remove Your Dentures

Posted by Kayla Cardona on Feb 15th 2022

After a long day of wearing your dentures, here are some tips on how to safely remove your dentures after using Secure Denture Adhesive:

The step by step procedure:

  1. Fill up the sink or a bowl with water to have in front of you. That way if you drop your dentures they won’t break.
  2. Begin with a couple of mouth rinses with cold water or better yet, ice water. Cold water will help break the bond between the adhesive and the gum. Cold water also hardens the adhesive so it is easy to remove.
  3. Gently rock the denture back and forth with your fingers to help break the suction of the denture.
  4. Once removed, gently brush your dentures with a denture brush or soft toothbrush. You can use water and non-abrasive toothpaste.
  5. If you still have adhesive residue leftover on the gums after removing your dentures, a couple of mouth rinses with cold water will help harden the adhesive. Using a denture brush or soft toothbrush, gently brush off the excess
  6. Soak your dentures overnight with Secure Denture Anti-Plaque Cleansing Tablets

What happens if my denture is too difficult to remove?

If it happens that the dentures are really stuck and cannot be removed after this method, leave the dentures in overnight. There is no danger in leaving them in and during this time your saliva will work into the denture and break the adhesion overnight.

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